Estimating and Measuring Length and Collecting Data using Google Forms

posted Oct 18, 2019, 12:44 PM by Patrick Johnson
Students have been estimating and measuring in cubes.

Task: Students were tasked to estimate and measure 3 objects from the classroom using cubes. They were also asked to identify whether their estimate was: too short, too long or just right.

When done, students entered in their data on an iPad using Google Forms:

Consolidating the lesson: When done, we examined the data that was collected. 

First we looked at students' estimates. We noticed that their estimates were very accurate.

Next we looked at the length of objects. The most popular length (or mode) was 4 cubes long.

Finally we used Google Sheets to order the objects from smallest to greatest. The smallest object measured (Lego) was 1 cube and the largest object measured (filing cabinet) was 53 cubes!