Wild Blueberries by Julie Flett

posted Oct 15, 2018, 5:31 PM by Patrick Johnson
Last week we read the story Wild Blueberries by Julie Flett. The story tells about a young boy and his Grandmother collecting blueberries and appreciating the wilderness around them. It is a beautifully illustrated story that includes words in the Cree Language. Before we read the story, we learned about the Cree Indigenous people and the Cree language.

Our Big Thinking Questions for this story:
Where might the story take place? How do you know?
Why do you think the story includes words written in the Cree language? What do you think is the purpose of this book?
What deep connection do you have to this story?

After the story, we discussed the Big Thinking Questions and students wrote and illustrated their connections. Students then shared their connections with their classmates using a fun strategy called Milling to Music (while the music is playing you walk around the class greeting each other and then find a partner when the music stops).