Hot Wheels Road Trip Math Task

posted Oct 29, 2018, 6:18 PM by Patrick Johnson
Students have been learning to estimate and measure using an appropriate standard unit (centimetres, metres, kilometres).

Today, students were given a math task about Hot Wheel track. First they were shown this video:

Students wondered:
How long did it take to make this track?
How long was this track?
Could this track be over 1 km long?

Next students were asked to estimate the length of this track, giving both high, low and just right estimates:

Students estimated that the track was around 1m 50 cm long.

Finally, students were given the math task below which they completed with partners:

Students found a variety of answers. Students determine that "about 2m" meant measurements ranging from 1m70cm to 2m30cm.
To consolidate, we made a chart showing the different ways to make tracks that were about 2m long. Here are a few examples:
 1 track         2 tracks 3 tracks 4 tracks
 1m 80cm 1m 20cm + 90cm= 2m 10cm

112cm + 90 cm = 202cm

1m80cm + 10cm = 190cm

1m20cm + 60cm= 1m80cm