Google Accounts and Google Classroom

posted Sep 4, 2018, 3:43 PM by Patrick Johnson

Today, students received their SCDSB Google Account login information. Using this information, students were able to login into Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a private digital learning platform where students can interact, collaborate and complete assignments using the Google Suite of Apps (for example Google Docs, Google Slides etc). Many applications, such as the stop motion app on the iPads, also export directly to Google Classroom. Google Classroom is widely used in the Junior/Immediate (and higher) Grades and I feel that they will benefit from becoming familiar with it now. Their login is written in the front of their agendas.

During our first activity, students replied to a post on Google Classroom saying "hi" to their classmates. Our second lesson will involve coming up with classroom norms when posting on Google Classroom and we will be discussing digital citizenship.

Best regards,
P. Johnson