First 20 Days of Math Day 7: Measuring!

posted Sep 13, 2018, 11:38 AM by Patrick Johnson
Today students worked in teams to measure objects using a variety of units.

First we watched a video to inspire Teamwork:

Next we introduced the learning goals:

We are learning to work together and share ideas to solve problems.

  • I contribute to my group

  • I listen to my partner

  • I talk to my partner and make a plan

Then students completed 3 tasks with a partner. The first task, students measured their foot with snap cubes then used that cube train to measure 3 longer objects in the classroom.

In the second task, students estimated and then measured their arm with a non-standard unit (for example pencils, markers, toy cars etc).

Finally, students were challenged to measure their bodies from head to toe using cubes. We discussed the advantages of connecting the cubes into groups of ten using different colours (for example, the first groups of 10 cubes would be yellow, second group of 10 cubes would be green etc).

The last activity was to measure me!!!!