First 20 Days of Math. Day 6: Snap Cube Challenge!

posted Sep 12, 2018, 11:13 AM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Sep 12, 2018, 1:35 PM ]
As part of our First 20 days of Math, students participated in the Snap Cube Challenge! This challenge develops students' spatial sense and promotes problem solving and teamwork..

Learning Goals:
  • I can contribute to my group
  • I can listen to my partner
  • I can talk to my partner and make a plan
  • I can use technology responsibly

First students were shown 2 cubes and asked how many different shapes could be made? They discover that 1 shape could be made with 2 cubes.
Next students were asked how many shapes can be made with 3 cubes? Student used cubes to discover that only 2 different shapes could be made (congruent shapes count as 1 shape).

Finally students were ask to work with a partner and figure out how many shapes could be made with 4 snap cubes (all connected). To record their math thinking, students collaborated on 1 Google Slide document. Each group (pair) were assigned 1 slide to work on. When they had a solution, students used the Chromebook's camera to take a picture of it and insert it into their slide. If a group was done, they were challenged to find solutions for making shapes out of 5 snap cubes and insert pictures at the end of the slideshow.

What amazing math thinking!!