Creating A Virtual Toy Store- Counting and Representing Money

posted Dec 4, 2018, 11:45 AM by Patrick Johnson
Students created their own virtual toy store in Google Slides!

First students explored the toy section of Walmart. The section they explored was already filtered for toys for ages 8 to 11 years old as well as prices that were less than $10.00. 

Next, students picked 6 toys from Walmart to include in their Google Slides toy store. Students copied and pasted the image into the slide. They then decided on a price for the toy (they could use the Walmart price as a guideline but ultimately it was their decision). They were told the price needed to be less than $10.00 and could not end in a 0. 

Then students copied and pasted coins into the slide to show the coins needed to make the price of the toy.

Later on in the day we revisited the activity. This time I printed off a variety of student generated toy price pages from the above activity. I spread the sheets around the classroom and we created a Class Holiday Store. Students needed to purchase 6 items. To purchase an item, students counted the coins on the toy sheet to make sure it matched the price. Then they made the price using a different combination of coins.

Below are examples from our math activity: