What if.....

posted Dec 15, 2014, 4:43 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today we read the book If by Sarah Perry This beautifully illustrated book asks what if questions that provoke imagination and wonderment. After listening to the story, students asked questions about the what ifs.

Questions students asked about the what ifs:

What if hair was made of mice...
  • Would the mice nibble on your neck?
  • Would cats jump on your head?
  • How would you brush/comb your hair?
  • Would their be tails hanging down?
  • Would the mice move a lot on your head?
What if leaves were fish...
  • Would the trees smell bad?
  • Would cats try to climb the trees to get to the fish?
  • Would they change colour in the fall? 
  • What would happened to them in the fall?
  • Would they move likes leaves?
What if worms had wheels...
  • Would the worms still need to dig?
  • How fast could they go?
  • What would power the wheels?
What if spirits were clouds...
  • Would they haunt you?
  • Would the clouds have faces?
  • If someone died, would it they have their own cloud?
What if cats could fly...
  • How fast could they go?
  • Would they still be a pet?
  • Could you ride on their backs?
  • Would they still live in your house?