Using the Green Screen to Support Writing

posted Oct 8, 2014, 4:05 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today was our first day using a green screen in our classroom.

Below is our green screen set-up. The green screen was mounted on the side wall of our classroom. The iPad was mounted on a tripod. The iPad was also hooked up to the projector at the same time in order to broadcast a live image of the green screen.

Students entered the class with the below photo and writing prompt already on the projector. I also had rainforest sounds playing in the background, which created lots of atmosphere in the classroom. The writing prompt was fairly simple and students were only required to write at least one sentence thought typically students will more (i.e.: pages). This is one way I differentiate for writing, offering the choice to write the minimum or more if they want to. Students usually go beyond, running with it. This cultivates writing without the pressure of needing to write a set amount. Also, I've found it offers the chance for personalization. Some topics generate more enthusiasm depending on the student's interest. If the 'topic' is particularly 'sparkly' to them, they will write more--and the opposite is true, if it doesn't interest them as much. The choice is there for them to make and providing this choice promotes ownership of their writing craft. 

Students then went in front of the green screen and read their writing into a microphone. They could see themselves while they did so. In these pictures I am demonstrating how this was done. 

This was an incredibly immersive experience. 
Below is an audio clip of one of the student's readings.