Using to Answer Math and Language Questions

posted Jan 20, 2015, 5:44 PM by Patrick Johnson
Over the past few days, our class has been trying a question response system called: Plickers (similar to which we have used in class before) allows students to answer questions by holding up a card (simliar to a QR code). They can respond to multiple choice questions by holding the card up in a certain way (hold it one way to choose answer A, hold it another way and you will choose answer B etc.). Once they hold up their card, I then use the camera on my iPhone or iPad to capture their answers. Their answers are then displayed as a graph at the front of the class. So far, we have used the Plickers response system to answer math questions about measurement as well as grammar questions about contractions. 

Short video that shows a demo of the Plickers question response system:

A multiple choice grammar question for the students to discuss and answer:

Students respond to the question by holding up their card according to what answer they choose (A, B. C or D).

Live results of their answers are display on a graph. Makes for terrific student feedback and discussion.