Using a Virtual Green Screen

posted Apr 21, 2015, 6:18 PM by Patrick Johnson
To make writing more engaging, I've been using a virtual green screen in my Gr. 3 classroom.

I've used it several times now and the students really enjoy presenting their writing to a green screen background.

Some examples include:
-what job would they like to have when they grow (a picture of a futuristic city behind them)
-a persuasive paragraph persuading a friend to buy a certain birthday present (they could choose either a picture of a stack of presents or a picture of Minecraft that had presents and torches in it)
-presenting their research about sea horses (with a video of seahorses swimming in the background)

Sometimes I take a picture of each student as they present (with the corresponding green screen background) and attach it to their writing. It becomes an instant, personalized illustration to accompany the text.

Below is a video explaining the virtual green screen: