Questioning Using The Q-Chart

posted Dec 1, 2014, 6:38 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today we continued to work on asking questions while we read. I introduced the q-chart (question chart) below and we discussed how to make questions using the words on the chart. We also discussed that deeper questions tended to be on the yellow and green areas of the chart.

Afterwards we read and asked questions about the story The Egg by M.P. Robertson. Our Big Thinking Question was What are some of the traits you admire most about the main character? Why?

We filled out the q-chart with questions as we read the book. We also stopped a number of times to answer the questions.
Questions Students Asked:
What is the name of the dragon
Where is the dragon taking George?
Where does the story take place?
Where did the dragon go when he left George?

When will the egg hatch?
When will the dragon find his real mom?
Who should take care of the egg?

Why is he sitting on the giant egg?
Why is he pushing the wheel barrow?
Why is the egg in the bed?
Why is he reading the book?
Why is he taking care of the egg?
Why is he training the dragon?
Why did the dragon leave?

Application/ Synthesis
How did the dragon find his way back?

After finishing the story, we answered the remaining questions and distinguished which answers were right in the story and which ones we needed to infer with our own knowledge.