Pumpkin Carving Procedure with a Virtual Pumpkin

posted Nov 14, 2014, 7:19 AM by Patrick Johnson
We are continuing to work on writing procedures in class. This week students are writing a procedure on how to carve a pumpkin (they didn't seem to mind that Halloween had already past). We carved a virtual pumpkin and we discussed the materials and procedures for carving a real pumpkin.

Click on the pumpkin to try carving your own virual pumpkin!

Together (shared writing) we planned out part of the procedure for carving a pumpkin. The plan included topic, materials needed, transition words, steps and 2 or 3 details to explain each of the steps. Students completed their own plan and practiced talking and pointing (to their plan) to explain their procedure. Afterwards, they started writing out their procedure in complete sentences.

Sample of a student completing their plan:

Sample of a student writing out their plan in full sentences: