Poem Battles!!!

posted May 11, 2015, 3:53 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today we had our first Poem Battle in our classroom! Two books battled it out for supremacy today: Bubblegum Delicious By Dennis Lee versus The New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky.

First I introduced both books and authors (while the theme music from the movie Rocky was playing in the background). Students were told that they would be the judges for the Poem Battle. Students brainstormed what they would be looking for as judges (rhyming words, million dollar words, strong picture words, writer's voice, entertaining etc).

Next, I explained how Poem Battles worked. During each round, I would read one poem from each book. Students would then discuss with an elbow partner which poem they thought won the round and why (this created lots of wonderful discussions about poetry). 

Then, students voted on which poem (book) won the round with a blind vote. Students were not told which book won each round until after round 5.

When the 5 rounds were over, I read the judges results round by round.

The results:

Round1 10 - 6
Round2  11-5
Round3  10-6
Round4  12-4
Round5  11-5

The winner by unanimous decision and champion for our first Poem Battle: Bubblegum Delicious By Dennis Lee

We will be doing more poem battles over the next while. It was a great way to engage students in discussions about poetry and we read TEN poems together!