iPads, QR Codes and Mystery Place Value Activity

posted Sep 19, 2014, 12:48 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students used iPads to solve place value mysteries.

Students were grouped into partners and each partner had an iPad and a clipboard to record their answers. Students used the QR Code reader app on the iPad to scan QR Codes. 

The QR Codes were on the wall in sets of 3. Each QR Code represented a different place value for a 3 digit number:
Green = Hundreds
Purple= Tens
Brown= Ones 
When students scanned the code, a clue to that digit would appear:

For example, if they scanned the green QR Code, students would receive a clue as to what the hundreds digit was for that 3 digit number (example the hundreds digit is the missing number in this pattern: 12, 9, _, 3).

In total, there were 10 sets of QR Codes for students to scan. They recorded each 3 digit number in standard form as well as expanded form. 

It was terrific to see that every student was 100% engaged in this activity and actively solving the number clues. What a fun math class!

Students walked around with a partner and :

Students recording the 3 digit numbers in standard and expanded form: