posted Dec 11, 2014, 5:01 PM by Patrick Johnson

Students have been exploring how to code (programming) using a couple of apps in class. 

Kodable is a free iPad app where students learn to program their fuzzy character. They learn lessons on sequence, conditions, and loops by dragging and dropping commands.
How to play Kodable:

Option1: Download the free iPad app from the app store. After starting the game, click SWITCH PROFILES, then CLASS VIEW and enter our class code: rm105. From there students can select their name to begin coding!
Option 2: Play on the web by clicking this link (Google Chrome browser is recommended). When prompted, enter our class code: rm105 and begin coding!

During our library time today, students used to explore a variety of coding activities. Many students tried the Flappy Bird coding activity as well as the Frozen coding activity.