Asking and Answering Deep Thinking Questions

posted Jan 8, 2015, 3:43 PM by Patrick Johnson

Today we continued to discuss questions and wonderings about the story The Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting. During our first lesson, students listened to the story and wrote down their wonderings on stickies. We answered our Big Thinking Question and sorted the questions they asked into two categories: questions where the answer was found right in the story and questions that went beyond the text and required more thinking to answer (click here to read about our first lesson).

Today we only looked at questions where the answers were not directly in the text. Students then separated the questions they felt were not that important to understanding the story.

Students, in partners, were allowed to choose which of the questions (the ones we decided that mattered) to answer.

Students recorded their answers on chart paper:

Finally, students presented and recorded their answers in front of the class.