Wii in our Classroom

posted Mar 3, 2011, 4:52 PM by Patrick Johnson

This week Mrs. Johnson, our SERT, brought the Mario Kart Wii game into our classroom.  Students got to play the game, and then they sorted and ranked the data (race times). Our literacy workstations were given a Mario Kart theme—for example, the week’s spelling words were related to the game, as were the word wall words chosen for the week. There was also Mario Kart based scripts for reading at the Partner Reading Workstation (these were a big hit!) plus Mario based writing activities (describing Mario characters, Karts, etc). The math bin for our class had Luigi and Mario cards to use for patterning and non-standard units of measurement. For our 2D shapes math activity, students filled in an outline of select Mario Kart characters with different polygons and then documented the number and types polygons used, and which were used most or least.