Small Moment Writing

posted Nov 5, 2010, 9:19 AM by Patrick Johnson
I introduced the concept of small moment writing with our Grade 2 Class. Small moment writing takes a small moment, such as how you travelled to school, and stretches it out by adding tiny interesting details. I re-read a couple of pages from the story Roxeboxen. We discussed how the author could have wrote  something like "The children built the roads with stones and the houses with crates." Instead the author added "tiny details" such as:

-The whitest stones lined the edges of the road.
-Nobody minded that Marion was Mayor.
-Charles used the biggest stones because he was the oldest.
-At first the houses were very plain, but soon they all began to add more rooms.
-The wooden boxes could be shelves or tables or anything you wanted.

Stringing together tiny details creates a small moment of wonderful writing. Students are practicing small moment writing by stetching out their own small moments using tiny details.

P. Johnson