Reading Super Powers

posted Oct 18, 2010, 11:16 AM by Patrick Johnson

Today students received their first READING SUPER POWER! Their first SUPER POWER is the POWER TO CONNECT. I explained to students that we all have life stories. If they had their life story on paper, it would be a half a metre high. My life story would reach past the ceiling. I told them of my Grandmother who lived until she was 93. Students decided that her life story, if it was written down, would reach as high as the clouds. Then we discussedhow you can't hide your life story in your desk or under your bed. Your entire life story is stored in your brain which is really quite remarkable when you think about it. I then told students something magical happens when you read. Something from the story can trigger a memory from our life story. When this happens, it is connecting- it joins the two stories together- from the text to our lives. Connecting our life stories to books helps us understand and make meaning of what we read.

Afterwards I read them the story: Andrew's Loose Tooth. I modelled throughout the story how it connects to my life. I often used the sentence starter: It reminds me of.... Students drew a picture and wrote about their own connections to the story. We finished the lesson with everyone getting the opportunity to share their connection.

P. Johnson