Raz-Kids Logins Created!

posted Sep 25, 2010, 3:59 AM by Patrick Johnson
Raz-Kids' logins have been created now for the entire class! Raz-Kids is an incredible site that allows students to read leveled books and answer questions at the end of the book. They can listen to the book or read it themselves. Students can also use their computer microphone to record their own narration of the book! They receive star points for completing a task for a book (receiving a green check mark). These star points can be spent at the Raz Rockets section. Please note that Raz-Kids is a paid subscription service that I have chosen to purchase for our classroom (well worth it I think).

How to login:
1) Go to Raz-Kids on the side bar
2) When you get to the site, click LOGIN
3) Enter teacher's name: pmjohnson
4) Find your name. Right now there are no passwords on any of the student accounts I just updated. I will add a password (probably the same as their Bitstrips' password) next week.

Have fun!