Quick versus Deeper Connections

posted Oct 27, 2010, 4:11 AM by Patrick Johnson
Yesterday students learned about quick connections versus deeper connections. Students were shown to sets of connections. They were told that the "yes group" had something in common that the "no group" lacked. For example, the "yes group" contained the connection That reminds me of the time when I got teased at school for wearing dresses every day and I felt really embarrassed and "no group" contained the connection My Uncle has a dog like that. Students decided that the "yes group" connections were all longer, more interesting and usually connected to a feeling. The "no group" were coincidences (there is a cat in the story and I have a cat). We discussed how the "yes group" or the deeper connections are the ones that help us understand what we are reading because they are meaningful to our lives. This week we will be practice making deeper connections.