National Weather Service Commented on our Video!

posted Apr 19, 2011, 6:10 PM by Patrick Johnson
It seems that the National Weather Service has watched our video on Tornados (via Vimeo). Here is the comment Sean Kiaer, a National Weather Service Storm Spotter, left us:

For Second Graders this was preaty cool.
I am a National Weather Service Storm Spotter here in the northwest and founder of a SKYWARN Group called Trucker Weather Watch. Here is a link that I think your class might like.
It is the National Weather Service's education page for grades K-5.​sweather.html
Another page for kids 4-12 is the National Weather Services, Jetstream Online School for Weather. After each segment in Jetstream there is a short quiz and upon succesful compleation you are abel to print out a cirtificate with the students name.​srh/​jetstream/​index.htm
On behalf of the National Weather Service I would like to thank you for helping young people learn about the facinating aspects of weather. Sean Kier