Glogster EDU

posted Mar 24, 2011, 5:26 PM by Patrick Johnson
This week I introduced students to a new web application: Glogster EDU (Education Edition). Glogster is an online application that allows users to create online media posters. I have a class account and each student has an assigned user name (which is a string of letters and numbers) and password. Students did I terrific job learning how to use the application. Afterwards they made a glog (a take off of the work blog) about dolphins (which we researched earlier in the week). Below is the WALT (What I am Learning Today) and WILF (What I am Looking For) for our dolphin posters (this was made in Glogster EDU).

One more thing: Glogster EDU is different from Glogster. Glogster EDU is geared towards students whereas Glogster is geared towards the public at large. I highly recommend to stick with the EDU edition to ensure appropriate content.