Taking Our Learning Outside

posted Sep 25, 2017, 12:14 PM by Patrick Johnson
On Friday, we took our learning outdoors!

First we walked around the schoolyard again. This time students were asked to notice any changes since the last time we walked around the yard. Students noticed:
-some trees had more fall leaves, but not as much as expected
-the dirt was very hard and dry from the recent summer like weather
-the sun flowers were more brown than last time
-students also noticed flowers growing along the fence that they didn't see before
-they noticed there were still grasshoppers in the No-Mow-Zone

Afterwards, students were asked to pick a tree in the schoolyard. They were told that this would be their tree. Once students picked a tree, they were told to listen closely to the tree and write down a name for it. Finally students sketched their tree and shared their sketch with a few classmates.