Sharing Our Connections to the Story: Courage

posted Sep 21, 2017, 11:33 AM by Patrick Johnson
Today I read the story Courage by Bernard Waber (see below):

During the video, I modeled how the story sparked connections to my own life story.

Afterwards, students used a new app called Flipgrid to share their own connections to the story with the rest of the class. Students accessed our private class Flipgrid page through a link I posted on Google classroom (the link is no longer active). Students recorded a video (I called it a video selfie) of them sharing their personal connection to one of the pages in the books. Students then took a profile pic of themselves and uploaded it with their video (only our class can see the videos or profile pics). 

Afterwards, students viewed each other's video and listened to their classmates' connections to the book. I like this app since it is a great way to respond to a topic as well as promoting oral language. I also liked that it generates discussions about digital citizenship (which we have previously discussed).