Rock Hyraxes- Writing $2 Summaries

posted Dec 13, 2017, 11:59 AM by Patrick Johnson

Students have been learning to find keywords in articles and to write summaries using those keywords.

First students picked out the keywords from the article on rock hyraxes. The different parts of the article were covered up on the projector. I slowly uncovered the article. First the title, then the sub headings and photo captions and finally the paragraphs. Each time students picked out 1 or 2 keywords. Keywords are words that are repeated, that capture an important idea or are easy to visualize. 

Time lapse video of the article being uncovered:

Below is the article completely uncovered:

Below is a list of keywords that a student made from the article:

Next we started a $2 summary together. A $2 summary is a way of summarizing an article in a couple of sentences. The goal is to use as many keywords as you can but keep the summary to around 20 words. Each word you use in your sentence costs 10 cents however the topic words, rock hyraxes, were considered free to use.

Together we wrote the first part of the summary which totaled $1.00. 

Afterwards, students wrote their own $2 summaries. For example:
-Rock hyraxes are small animals that hide in caves from their enemies. They eat plants and berries.
-Rock hyraxes are small mammals that use caves for shelter from enemies.
-Rock hyraxes are small African mammals.
-Rock hyraxes use boulders and rocks to hide from enemies. They spend most of their time in the sun.
-Rock hraxes live in Asia and Africa. They hide in caves. Their enemies are big cats and pythons.