Deep Thinking Connections

posted Oct 10, 2017, 12:12 PM by Patrick Johnson
Students have been working on making personal connections as they read. Today I used the Yes/No game (the proper name is concept attainment) to teach the differences between a quick connection and a deep thinking connection. 

Students were presented with YES examples and they had to figure out what made them different from the NOs (I didn't tell them anything else). Each YES example was paired with a NO example. Students had time to discuss their predictions as to what made the YES group different from the NO group.

Afterwards, students were presented a series of TESTERS where they decided whether the connection belonged in the YES or NO group. Then, students revealed what they thought made the YES group different from the NO group.
They said the YES group:
-were stronger, deeper connections
-had lots more detailed
-usually included feelings 
-explains the connection more

We discussed that these deeper connections are the ones that lead to increased understanding when we are reading instead of just quick connections.