posted Dec 20, 2017, 12:59 PM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 4:21 PM ]
Today students participated in their first Breakout activity.

Their goal was to find what was inside a box. The box had 4 combination locks on the outside and 2 locks on the inside.

First students were told they had to figure out the first 4 locks before reading the clues to the final 2 locks. We also talked about social goals (taking initiative, kind words, appreciating ideas, self regulation).

In Google Classroom I posted the  link to a website I created using the program Twine. This interactive website contained all of the lock clues. To find the combination for a particular lock, students had to solve puzzles. The puzzles consisted of number patterns, visual patterns as well as a literacy puzzle.

When all of the outer locks were successfully opened, we opened the box. Inside the box was another box with a lock that required a key. Inside the box there was also a Sphero. 

Students needed to solve puzzles in order to find a 3 digit lock combination. If they successfully entered the 3 digits using Sphero (Sphero was programmed as a combination lock), Sphero would tell them where the last key was hidden.

After entering a correct 3 digit combination, Sphero told our class the "key is hidden in the library 510." Students quickly figured out that they key was located in the school library on shelf 510.

Students worked together to try and solve the lock puzzles. Students demonstrated collaboration and grit

Students gathered outside the library while 3 class representatives searched for the key to the last lock.

Students used the key to unlock the final lock. This was a fun way to solve problems!