Bahamas Math!

posted Apr 19, 2018, 12:14 PM by Patrick Johnson

Over the March Break, I visited the Bahamas with my family. My visit inspired the below math lesson. In particular, the system at the grocery store where you earn discounts based on the amount of money you spent.

First I showed students the slide show which included some interesting math facts from the Bahamas. Then I introduced the problem (see slide show). The problem required students to work through 2 steps. Students needed to figure out how many stamps I would earn for spending $240 and then how many discount cards the stamps would fill (12 stamps fit on each card).

Student work:

-Using a chart to figure out how many stamps are earned for spending $240 (1 stamp is earned for every $10)

-Students figured out that for every $50 spent, you received 5 stamps.

-These students used place value information to figure out how many groups of 10 are in 240.

-Students used an array to figure out how may stamps would fill up a card (each card holds 12 stamps).