Willy Wonka- Visualizing Characters

posted Nov 25, 2016, 9:16 AM by Patrick Johnson
Today we continued to work on our reading comprehension strategy: The Power to Visualize. Today we focused on visualizing characters from a chapter book. I read a couple of pages from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Specifically, the pages that describe Willy Wonka:

And what an extraordinary little man he was! He had a black top hat on his head. He wore a tail coat made of a beautiful plum-coloured velvet. His trousers were bottle green. His gloves were pearly gray. And in one hand he carried a fine gold-topped walking cane.... (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Puffin Books 1964)

Students visualized what Willy Wonka looked like (I didn't tell them the title of the book that I was reading the description from) and drew the character. Afterwards, students shared their drawings (and their visualizations of Willy Wonka) and we discussed the picture words the writer used in the book. Students then drew their own characters.