Wemberley Worried

posted Sep 26, 2016, 12:56 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today we read the story Wemberley Worried by Kevin Henkes. The story is about a little girl who worries about everything.

Our big thinking question for this story:

Afterwards, students answered this question using chart paper and presented their answers in front of the class.

Sample answers to the Big Thinking Questions:

What was Wemberley worried about?
-Wemberley was worried about everything. First she was worried about the tree falling on her. Then she was worried about the crack in the wall and it would get bigger and something would come out. Next she worried about the noise the radiators make and she thought there was a snake in it. She was also worried about the playground. Wemberley was worried about school.

What was the most important lesson the author was trying to teach us?
-The author was trying to tell us that you would not be worried about everything because you would never try anything.
-We are thinking the author is teaching us a lesson to never be worried. Sometimes I am worried but everything turns out to be perfect.