Sphero- Let it Roll

posted Dec 14, 2016, 5:50 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students were introduced to Sphero. Sphero is another coding robot, similar to Dash. Students worked in teams of two on this task.

Let it Roll (Lesson created by Erin Debicki, Patty Friedrich and Tracie Bertoia from London District Catholic School Board)
Numbers were written on cards and scattered on the carpet. The goal was to code Sphero to travel over as many cards as possible without leaving the carpet. Each time Sphero crossed a number card, the team was awarded the points indicated on the card. When the code was completed (or if Sphero left the carpet) students used mental math to tally their points. 

Teams used mental math strategies such as: making friendly numbers, using doubles and grouping place values. Students have practised these strategies during our daily Number TalksTeams were allowed to revise their code and make additional attempts.

Below is the activity and challenges for this task:

Students coding and tested Sphero on the number course:
This group was award 58 points for this amazing run!!!

The point results from our Let it Roll challenge!