Rocking Some Art!!

posted Nov 17, 2016, 5:05 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students used their senses to describe and draw a rock.

First students were placed into groups of four. Each group of four formed a circle and faced towards the center with their hands behind their back. In each of their hands I placed a rock. 

Then I guided students in examining their rock with their hands. They were asked:
How big is your rock?
Is your rock smooth or rough?
What shape is your rock? Is it  round or flat? Does it have any edges?
Can you feel any distinguishing features on your rock?
Afterwards, I collected the rocks again from the group (without them seeing their rock) and randomly placed the rocks on a table. Students then needed to figure out what rock was theirs based on their observations from hold the rock.

Finally students were asked to examine the rocks closely with their eyes and to sketch their rock. To accompany their sketch, they needed to include a description of their rock. I loved how students responded to this activity!