Procedures and Super Star Destoyers

posted Oct 4, 2016, 2:04 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students were learning about procedures and writing instructions.

First I showed them this awesome time lapsed video of a Super Star Destroyer being built out of Lego.

Next we looked at the instructions for building the Super Star Destroyer (which was well over 200 pages). We broke down the instructions into the following format:
WHAT: What was being taught (for example, that particular section of the Star Destroyer)
WHAT: What materials were needed (the lego pieces)
HOW: The steps that were needed to make that section using the materials listed

Then students were grouped in pairs and discussed the WHAT WHAT HOW format as it applied to brushing your teeth. We discussed the importance of not missing a step or having steps that were out of order.

Together we wrote a procedure for brushing your teeth using the WHAT WHAT HOW format. The green sentences are the steps and the blue sentences are tips to help make the steps clearer.