Nearpod-Engaging Students Using Interactive Slide Shows

posted Nov 1, 2016, 5:28 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today I introduced students to a new iPad/Web app called Nearpod. Nearpod allows a teacher to guide students through an interactive slideshow on their iPads.

Here is a video about Nearpod:

First students opened the Nearpod app on their iPads and they entered a pin number for our activity. Once they entered a pin number, the interactive slideshow on my iPad also appeared on their iPads. If I moved a slide on my iPad, it automatically moved the slide on their iPads.

Together we went through an interactive slideshow about bar graphs and pictographs. During the slideshow students:
  • Examined the similarities and differences between bar graphs and pictographs
  • Participated in a poll about graphing
  • Used data to draw bar graphs and a pictographs
  • Answered multiple choice questions about bar graphs and pictographs

After we completed the graphing activity, I loaded another slideshow that our librarian created using Nearpod. Students touched and rotated 3D animals such as sharks, turtles and deer. They also got to explore 360 degree photos of a variety of habitats.