Math Games!

posted Sep 22, 2016, 4:56 PM by Patrick Johnson
As part of our balanced math program, students have been playing math games!

Race for a flat
Materials: 100s mat and base ten blocks
How to play: Students roll 2 dice. They place the amount of blocks on their mat according to the sum on their dice. As soon as they reach 10 cubes, they can exchange the cubes for a stick (group of ten). When students have ten sticks (groups of tens) they can exchange it for a flat (a group of 100). First person to exchange for a flat wins!

Dueling Digits

Cards in the range from A(1) to 9. 
100s mat
How to play: 
In partners, students take turns picking a card from the deck. When they pick a card, they need to decide to where to place the card on their 100s mat. For example, if they pick a 6 and place it in the 100s column then it is worth 600. Each partner continues to pick cards until they have a 3 digit number. The person with the highest number wins!