The Name Jar and Big Thinking Questions

posted Dec 2, 2013, 5:44 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today we read the story: The Name Jar. The Name Jar is about a girl who immigrates to America from Korea and is anxious and worried about kids at her new school not being able to pronounce her name. She decides not to tell her classmates her real name and instead tells them she will choose a name during the next week.

Our BIG THINKING QUESTIONS (deep thinking questions that involve higher level questioning) for this book were:
Do you think Unhei was treated fairly? Use evidence from the text to justify your answer.
What lesson do you think the author was trying to teach the reader?

Students also came up with their own questions which we posted on our question chart (Q-Chart).

Both BIG THINKING QUESTIONS led to a terrific discussion. Some people thought Unhei wasn't treated fairly and sited their evidence of kids teasing her about her name on the bus at the beginning of the story. Others thought she wasn't treated fairly at first but that changed as students in her class tried to help her choose an American name and one student in particular who became her friend.