Students Looking at Writing Samples

posted Feb 3, 2014, 1:28 PM by Patrick Johnson
Today students were giving various writing samples. The samples were all about about the same topic (do you prefer to walk or be driven to school). Their task was to evaluate a piece of writing with the criteria of awesome (which was co-created with the students) and assign the writing a level (from 1 to 4) and a next step (how the piece of writing could be approved).

CRITERIA OF AWESOME (co-created with students)

Knowledge and Understanding

        ÿ            I have a title that tells what I am trying to convince the reader of.


        ÿ            I have completed my plan.


        ÿ            My introduction catches the reader’s attention and states topic.

        ÿ            I have reasons that can be proven.(Gr2=2. Gr3=3).

        ÿ            My reasons are strong and convincing.

        ÿ            I have details that explain each reason.

        ÿ            I have used good, strong words.

        ÿ            I have complete sentences.

I have a conclusion that summarizes my topic.

Students assigned the piece of writing a level and placed it on the wall under the appropriate level number.

A group of students went through this piece of writing with the criteria of awesome and assigned it a level 2. They also added a number of next steps to make this writing better.