Reviewing Number Patterns Using A Space Race Challenge!

posted Dec 12, 2013, 5:50 PM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Dec 12, 2013, 5:51 PM ]
What an exciting day in our classroom!

Today we reviewed number patterns using a number of different devices. Students were broken into teams of 2 or 3. Each team was given one web enabled device (in total there were 3 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 iPod Touch, 2 Laptops).

Each group logged into the website using our unique Socrative room number. The Socrative Response System is a terrific online tool that allows students to complete an online quiz using any web enabled device. Real time results and progress can be monitored from the teacher's Socrative account. One feature of the Socrative Response System is an activity called Space Race. Each team is assigned a different coloured rocket ship. Everytime the group gets a correct answer using their device, their rocketship moves a space. The goal is to get your rocketship to the end as quick as possible with the most correct answers as possible. 

Sample question from the challenge:

Everytime a group answers a question correctly on a device (iPad, laptop etc) their rocket ship moves a space on the projector at the front of the class!