Math Facts, Blackberry Playbook and XtraMath

posted Mar 2, 2014, 4:10 AM by Patrick Johnson
As part of our balanced math approach in class, students have been practising their math facts throughout the day using a Blackberry Playbook and a website called XtraMath. XtraMath is a website used to increase the accuracy and speed of math facts. Each student has their own account and logs in with a PIN number. One of the coolest features of XtraMath is the ability to integrate it into the classroom throughout the day.

For example, the first student logs into XtraMath and completes their 5-10 minutes of math facts. When they are finished, XtraMath prompts the student with the name of the next student to get for the activity. If the next student is absent or busy, XtraMath will record that information and list a name of an alternative student to get. The Playbook gets passed around the entire day until all of the students have completed their math fact practice.