Helping Seymour Simon

posted Apr 10, 2014, 1:15 PM by Patrick Johnson
Learning Goal: We are learning to identify text features and explain how they help us understand the text.

Success Criteria:
I can ZOOM IN on text features in non-fiction texts.
I can identify text features.
I can explain how text features help the reader.
I can compare text features of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Seymour Simon ( writes non-fiction books for children. His books are filled with beautiful photographs and rich with information. One thing that is peculiar about his books however is that lack of text features. There is no table of contents, glossary, diagrams, caption boxes, charts or timelines (students picked up on this very quickly). Our class has been reading his book called Dogs. I scanned his book and inserted it into a smart notebook (similar to power point). Our class has been adding text features to his books. We have been building a table of contents and adding page numbers. Students have also been adding headings to each section as well as caption boxes and charts.

DOGS, by Semour Simon displayed on our projector.
Together we are building a table of contents for his book.
Students highlighting key words to use to in the glossary as well as to find the main idea of the section..
Adding headings to the section.
Turning a photo into a labelled diagram
Adding a chart to explain how a puppy develops over the first ten weeks of life.