Going Fishing For An Introduction

posted May 29, 2014, 10:54 AM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated May 29, 2014, 10:56 AM ]
Today students were learning how to write an introduction that hooks a reader (for their descriptive reports). Students sorted introductions by ones that hooked their interest and ones that did not (we used a fishing activity to catch a sentence).

Example of an introduction that was a keeper:
Imagine standing at one end of a football field. Now someone is standing at the other end of the football field and they are talking to you. Do you think you could hear them? Well a shark can hear a fish moving in the water not just one but FIVE football fields away.

Example of an introduction that students tossed back and did not hook their interest:
Hello. My name is Kelly and this is my report about sharks. (sample taken from Non-Fiction Writing Power By Adrienne Gear).

Fishing for introductory sentences that hooks a reader's interest! 

Students sorted introductions between those that were keepers and those that needed to be tossed back

Our anchor chart for creating an introduction that hooks a reader.

We added our ideas about writing an introduction to our Criteria of Awesome. Afterwards students started their introductions for their reports on Snow leopards.