Extra Math Practice- Patterning

posted Nov 15, 2013, 7:46 AM by Patrick Johnson   [ updated Nov 15, 2013, 8:26 AM ]

I uploaded a few extra pages of math practice to the blog involving repeating patterns. You can download the practice in the files section or click here.

Try a few online pattern questions by clicking here!

A few extra ideas you can do at home that involve patterning:
Your child can look around for repeating patterns and create a list of these. They
can ask and answer questions about the patterns, such as “What attributes are
changing in the pattern?” (for example, colour and size) and “How are those
attributes changing?” (for example, colour: blue, purple, blue, purple, repeat; size:
small, big, big, small, repeat) and “What is the part that of the pattern that repeats?” 

• Your child can decorate items using repeating patterns. For example, they can
create their own notepaper or cards by making a repeating pattern around the edge.
They can use shapes, names, and colours for these patterns.

• Your child can make and use a 100 chart at home to show growing or shrinking
patterns. For example, they can start with an item that costs $4, then add eleven 
$3 items to the “bill.” (They can use the repeat function on a calculator, if possible,
to find each new number.) After they mark the numbers on the 100 chart with counters
or circles, they can describe the pattern they see and explain the pattern rule.