Creating Number Lines and Rounding to the Nearest Group of Ten

posted Sep 24, 2013, 1:14 PM by Patrick Johnson
In math today we worked on number lines and rounding. The grade 2 and 3 expectation is almost identical:

Gr3 3m15: round two-digit 
numbers to the nearest ten, 
in problems arising from 
real-life situations

Gr 2 2m14: determine, using 
concrete materials, the ten 
that is nearest to a given 
two-digit number, and justify 
the answer

During the minds on activity, students were asked to create a number line and be prepared to explain it. After they made their number line (lots of variety in their answers) they presented and explained it to the class.

Next students answered number line questions using the projector. We started with number lines under 20. Then we did number lines to 100. Finally we did number lines to 1000 (as an extension to the activity).

Below is the action task for the math lesson. Note students got  to choose at least 3 of the numbers to place and round on their number line.

Below are all of the number lines students created. Tomorrow we will start our lesson with a gallery walk of their number lines.