Small Moment Writing Together

posted Dec 6, 2012, 11:14 AM by Patrick Johnson
Today we wrote a small moment together about the unexpected fire alarm we had last week. We planned the small moment together and we wrote the first sentence together. Then students worked with partners to describe one of the events in the small moment. Below is the small moment we ended up with.

The Unexpected Fire Alarm
The fire alarm went off at school and some kids were in the hallway and others outside. Kids started a line. They started the line beside the tree. It was outside in the yard in the freezing cold winter at recess. It was snowing on the grass. Some people had no shoes on and their feet were freezing cold in their socks. Some did not have their coats on too. Suddenly, we all heard a firetruck. It came to see if there was a fire but there was no fire. A kid had pulled the fire alarm. Firetruck sirens made a loud noise. The kids were waiting a long time. Finally we got to go inside to get warm. The fire alarm surprised us but we all did a great job!

By Mr. Johnson's Class