Procedure Writing

posted Oct 1, 2012, 5:33 PM by Patrick Johnson

Today we started our first writing unit. The first writing unit is in the form of writing procedures (or how to writing). Students worked with a partner to use words and pictures to illustrate the steps for teaching someone (Mr. Johnson) how to make a phone call. They then used these steps in instructing me how to make a phone call (I acted out their instructions very literally which made for quite a few laughs). We discussed the importance of not missing any steps as well as putting the steps in the correct order.  We also brainstormed a list of topics for writing procedures. During the next lesson we will look at sample procedures, both at a grade 1 and at a grade 2 level.
P. Johnson

At home question connection: Ask your child the steps for making a phone call! Try following their steps to see if you are successful!