Number Line

posted Oct 6, 2012, 2:35 AM by Patrick Johnson
Earlier this week, students made and represented a number of their choice using a tool of their choice. As a class we then created a bar graph reflecting the tools that people chose to represent their numbers. Students chose 9 different tools with base 10 blocks being the most popular way to represent numbers. Yesterday we looked at our bansho wall again and during our math discussion we decided that base 10 blocks were good at representing larger numbers because it had groups of 10.

Next students took all of their numbers off the bansho wall and placed them on a very large number line we had in the hallway. Students had to place their number and then tell which group of 10 their number was closest to (e.g. was the number closest to 20 or 30). We also decided to set a goal of filling in some of that gaps on the number line (e.g. represent more numbers between 20 and 30 for gr 1 and between 30 and 50 for gr 2).

Number Line from Patrick Johnson on Vimeo.