Math Tools!

posted Oct 3, 2012, 6:26 AM by Patrick Johnson
Grade 1 and 2 students were giving the following ACTION task in math:
Represent 2 numbers of your choice. Choose a different math tool to represent each number. Students were reminded that Gr1 students need to be able to represent numbers up to 31 and Gr2s need to be able to represent numbers of to 50.

After students completed the task, we sorted their answers to the task on our math BANSHO wall based on the tool they selected (e.g. cubes, base 10 etc). The result was a BANSHO bar graph of math tools!

Math tools students chose: money (the only one the picture doesn't show), tally marks, base 10 blocks, circle counters, cubes, number lines, pattern blocks and abacus. I thought the variety of tools was terrific.

Discussing our BANSHO wall will the be start of our next math lesson. We will discuss what the most popular tools were and what were the least popular. We will also discuss why. Also, are some tools better than others? Do certain tools make it easier to represent certain numbers? Why?

P. Johnson