Once Upon an Ordinary School Day- The Power to Connect

posted Sep 28, 2020, 3:10 PM by Patrick Johnson
This week I introduced our first reading power. Reading Power is a terrific resource that teaches various reading strategies to help students understand (or comprehend) what they read.

The reading power I introduced was called the power to connect. Making connections while we read is something we do naturally as we get older. To explain the power to connect I read them the below passage to help explain why making connections while we read is actually quite remarkable. Over the next few weeks we will be working on making meaningful connections to texts we read in class.

Today we also listened to the book: Once Upon an Ordinary School Day by Colin McNaughton.

The book is about a boy who goes through the ordinary routines of his day until he meets his new teacher. In the teacher's first lesson, he tells the students to listen to the music and let the music fill their minds with pictures. They all think he is crazy until they find their imaginations are swept away by the music. They end up writing wonderful stories about those images and all the stories were very different.

Our big thinking question was: When the music played, what pictures filled your mind? Although we (and the class) listened to the same piece of music, all of the pictures in our minds were different. Why was this the case?

This led to a discussion that the music interacted with each of our own life stories and produced different images according to our memories, feelings and connections. We discussed that when we read, it interacts with our own life stories sparking images, feelings, memories and connections. This helps (and frankly is crucial) in understanding what we read.